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Design training wheels

Design things is an online resource for new designers that includes checklists, tips, and interview prep help! 💖 You can check out design things at designthings.fun!
✅ Checklists

With over 100 design students at Lambda School, we spend lots of time giving 1-1 feedback. Scaling design feedback is difficult because receiving individual feedback is crucial to improving your craft. That being said, learning to self-check your work is equally crucial! Design things was a result of realizing that we were giving lots of the same nit feedback. By creating checklists, we were able to encourage students to self-check their work so we can spend more time giving more detailed and advanced feedback.Of course, you can't learn design through checklists—but they're a great place to start! (Some of our content is just suggestions, but I'm pretty confident in not using Lobster as a main typeface on a mobile app.)

We made several checklists to guide a new designer's journey. My favorite one is the typography checklist!
I was definitely guilty of text that L O O K S L I K E T H I S when I first started designing 😇
💎 Visual design tips & tricks

Sometimes, it helps to show examples of why certain visual decisions work over others. What does "too rounded" or "not rounded enough" look like? What does an icon look like when it's "too large"? These tips and examples can visually point new designers in the right direction, especially if feedback like "too bubbly" and "too muted" is too vague!

Showing the difference between two things makes concepts easier to understand.
We made examples based on common things we saw in student work. Here, we talk about card design faux pas after we saw lots of cards.
🎒 Portfolios and resumés

As a new designer, your portfolio and your resumé are very important in your job hunt journey. In this section, we break down the what, how, and why of the portfolio and resumé. My favorite section is the selfie tips! (Elizabeth and I aren't experts, but we've had a lot of practice 😆)

We had a ton of fun taking example selfies for this part 😊
😎 Job search & interviews

Job searching for the first time is intimidating! You're done with your portfolio and resumé (and of course, checked for alignment issues and typos) — now what? In this section, we break down what the interview process for designers might look like. From whiteboard challenges to what to wear, we cover some of our student's most often asked questions.

We go over the basics on how to approach a whiteboard challenge and other design interview formats.

Making this resource was so much fun! It's definitely not a comprehensive, one-size-fits-all solution, but we hope that it'll be fun to look through and that new designers will learn something 😊

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